Judicial Evaluations

CABL’s Procedures for Evaluating Judicial Candidates

CABL serves African-American lawyers, judges, law professors and law students throughout the State of California. One of CABL’s most important goals is increasing the number of African-American jurists in the state. Accordingly, the responsibility of evaluating applications for appointments to the bench is paramount within the organization. CABL’s Board of Directors has approved the confidential JNE process and encourages all interested in being evaluated for a judicial appointment to participate.

To start the process, the candidate should first submit the following items to either the President of CABL or the Chair of the Committee:

  • A copy of the candidate’s the State Bar of California’s JNE commission application;
  • A written explanation as to why the candidate is seeking the appointment to the bench;
  • A written explanation as to why the candidate is seeking the endorsement of CABL;
  • A Curriculum vitae and/or resume; and
  • Contact information for ten personal and ten professional references (including name, street address, telephone number and email address) and pre-addressed, self-sticking mailing labels for each reference.

To the extent possible, professional references should include attorney and/or judges and professional colleagues who can attest to the candidate’s professional qualifications. Moreover, the candidate is encouraged to include personal references who are CABL and/or affiliate chapter members.

After sending the candidate a letter acknowledging receipt of the application package, the Committee will review the package and contact the candidate to advise if anything is missing or needs clarification. Additionally, using the mailing labels supplied by the candidate, the Committee will send a rating form to each person listed by the Candidate, plus five other relevant people. Thus, the Committee is able to solicit a total of 25 references.

The Committee will contact the candidate to schedule a personal interview during which the candidate will be asked questions concerning the candidate’s interest in applying for a judicial appointment, the information submitted by the candidate to CABL, the information submitted by the candidate’s references, and any other information pertinent to the candidate’s interest in being rated by CABL.

Following the interview, the Committee will recommend that the candidate receive a rating of “Exceptionally Well Qualified”, “Well Qualified”, “Qualified”, or “Not Qualified”.

Finally, with the Board’s consideration and the President’s approval, the President will send a letter to the Governor of California’s office concerning the candidate which will include CABL’s rating of the candidate.

For more information, please contact CABL’s Judicial Evaluation Committee via e-mail at CABLJNE@gmail.com.


The California Association of Black Lawyers (“CABL”)
Kwixuan H. Maloof, Esq., President

Yvette D. Roland, Judicial Evaluations Chair