CABL President


President’s Message


Kwixuan H. Maloof, Esq.
CABL President, 2017-2018

It is my honor and great privilege to serve as President of the prestigious California Association of Black Lawyers. We are celebrating our 41st year since the organization was founded in the bicentennial of 1976. I look forward to working with the leadership of CABL to have a great year.

Our emphasis this year will be “Getting Better Outcomes: Working Ten Times Harder Together.”

This theme is inspired by the hard working and brilliant attorneys in this organization. As people of color, we work ten times harder than non-people of color just to achieve the same results. But we do so with grace and style. In these times, our goals are not just to achieve the same results but also better outcomes.

This year we will focus on that: Getting Better Outcomes. Getting Better Outcomes in everything we do both personally and professionally.

One of my goals to get a better outcome is to increase CABL membership. This year I will notify law schools and let them know that CABL membership is free to all law students. This will increase CABL’s pipeline so we will get better outcomes.

We will have a mentor/mentee program. Every African American Law Student, who wants a mentor will get a mentor. I will be looking at each of you to help me fulfill that goal.

We have created a new adhoc board position which will be filled by the NBLSA Western Regional Chair. This will allow us to bridge the gap between law students and CABL lawyers.

In order to get better outcomes, we will continue to participate in Know Your Rights presentations in order to educate our youth. We will also work closely with educators on the 2+2+3 pipeline program established under the auspices of the California State Bar’s Council on Access and Fairness. The program’s pathway to success includes two years of community college, two years of a university and three years of law school. We will focus on the pipeline to college and not the pipeline to prison.

Our legislative committee will continue to work with our state legislators to insure biased laws and laws with inadvertent negative affects on African Americans and people of color are not passed.

Finally, CABL will work with all of the affiliate chapters and jointly participate in some of their events.

Charles Hamilton Houston said “a lawyer is either a social engineer or a parasite on society.” Let’s go out and be the social engineers to get better outcomes.

Thank you,

Kwixuan H. Maloof, Esq.
2017-2018 President
California Association of Black Lawyers