CABL President

2024 – 2025


Fostering and Uplifting Our Community

CABL President 2024 Photo for Message Page

Josi Kennon Swonetz

CABL President, 2024 – 2025

I am extremely honored and privileged to serve as the President of the California Association of Black Lawyers for the upcoming year. I want to thank our Immediate Past President, Shanāe Buffington, for her support and guidance and our outgoing Board of Directors for their hard work and dedication. This has truly been a wonderful year for CABL.

I hope to continue the great legacy and foundation set by the amazing leaders that came before me. In 1977, CABL was founded on the mission to change the face of the judiciary, advocate for a fair and impartial judicial system, protect the civil and political rights of the Black community, and mentor and support the next generation of attorneys. With the support of my wonderful Board of Directors, the CABL membership, and our sponsors, I hope to amplify these goals in the coming year. Next year, our organization’s focus and mission will be “Fostering and Uplifting Our Community.” I hope to do this in the following ways:

  • Increasing CABL’s presence by partnering with our affiliate organizations to co-host community service and mentorship events, collaborating with other Black professional organizations, participating in events hosted by the National Bar Association, and enhancing our web presence;
  • Developing mentorship programs for students at all grade levels, including paralegal studies and law school;
  • Expanding our social action initiatives, including hosting CABL’s Annual Legislative Day and supporting legislation aligned with our mission;
  • Developing a comprehensive continuing legal education program for our members; and
  • Funding scholarship opportunities for high school, college, and law students.

I am excited about the upcoming year and the opportunities it brings. I hope to lead this incredible organization with passion, vision, courage, and grace. With your help, I look forward to continuing and building the incredible legacy that is CABL.

Thank you!

Josi Kennon Swonetz
President, 2024-2025
California Association of Black Lawyers